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A.Wood & Co
Allnut and Jones
Ann Fowler and Co
Arley Estate
Backhouse and Clark
Bank Quay Wharf
Barclay and Steven
Barlow and Goostry
Bartho Valle & Brother
Bartho Valle and Brother
Bentley and Boardman
Bollons and Clare
Boote Valk & Co
Bow and Mary Clare and Co
Bradbury and Higson
Bradshaw and Syers
Brick Duty
Buxton Bath
Byrom and Co
Caldwell & Whitley
Caldwell and Whitley
Carr, Ibbetsons and Bigge
Chester Courant
Chester Fair
Chief Rents
Chorley and Harrison
Chorley and Watson
Company of Innkeepers
Crosbie & Urmson
Cunliffe, Stanton and Craven
Cunliffe, Stanton, Craven and Co
Darker and Smith
Davenport, Gaskell and Middleton
Davies and Reynolds
Day & Rowlatt
Duke of Leeds
Dumbell and Clare
E Smith and Son
E.Smith and Sons
Edward Byrom and Co
Excise Office
Fallows & Birkett
Fallows and Birkett
Fowden and Co
Golightly, Fisher and Grayson
Goostry and Wartow
Gorell and Pownall
GPO C Creswell
GPO E Barnes
GPO H Potts
GPO J Shann
GPO J Shann
GPO C Cresswell
Halton School
Harvard and Holland
Haslehurst & Lowe
Heath and Co
Heath and Lynnall
Heath and Manlove
Henry Hewitt and Co
Henry Mather and Co
Henshall & Co
Henshall and Co
Hewitts and Smith
Hopes & Inglis
Hugh Henshall and Co
Innkeepers Company
J and G Perfect
J Hulse and Co
James Bateman and Co
James Bellian and Co
James Gordon and Co
James Robinson and Co
John Arrowsmith and Co
John Foster and Son
John Gilbert and Son
John Mort & Co
John Robuck
John Twiss
Jos Burrows
Leech and Co
Low and Charnock
Lowe and Bate
Lowe Bate and Wright
Manchester Old Quay
Mary Berry & Sons
Mary Clare and Co
Mary Tilley and Co
Mason and Hunt
Mather and Alcock
Newton Fair
Nicholas Ryder and Co
Nickson and Carr
Oakes and Bangham
Oakes and Bingham
Ormskirk Fair
Oswald Leicester & Son
P Penn and Son
Peter Berry and Co
Peter Seaman and Co
Peter Wood and Co
Phillipps and Greenway
Pickering and Chadwick
Poole and Jordan
Props Weaver Navigation
Props Sankey Navigation
Queens Head
Ravald and Moreland
Rawlinson, Davison and Newman
Richard and John Twining
Robert Patten and Co
Robinson and Cross
Salt Office
Sam Fearon and Co
Seaman and Co
Stamp Office
Sutton Hall
Tax Collector
Tenants in Warburton
Thomas Gaskell and Co
Thomas Harper and Abbott
Thomas Massie & Co
Thomas Massie and Co
Thomas Richard and William Charles Lake
Tom Rowley
Trustees of Weaver Navigation
Twining and Carter
Twinings (Richard & John Twining)
Twiss and Morries
Twiss and Co
Twiss and Morries
W Dumbell and Co
W.Blanchard & Co
Walley and Jones
Wheatley and Ridsdale
Willam Stedman and Co
William Abbot and Son
William Dowson & Co
William Pownall and Co
William Rathbone and Son
Wilmot and Son
Wilson and Thornhill
Wilson,Thornhill and Wilson
Windmill Inn, Tabley
Wm Dumbell Junior
Wm Dumbell Junior and Co
Worthington and Co
Wright and Preston

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