Published by Arley Hall Press, Charles Foster's books are based on study of the Arley Hall archives and provide much background information which will make understanding the archives easier.

The Flowers and Ashbrooks of Durrow (2nd Edition 2017)

Charles F Foster,
(2017) 217 pages, available as online pdf download only.

This is a newly revised and updated 2nd edition. It details the history of the Flowers and Ashbrooks of Durrow from 1595 to 1923 including a history of the Durrow Estate from 1683 to 1923. It includes the earlier account of the lives of George Flower and the Elizabethan Wars in Ireland 1595-1603, Sir George Flower's career after the War from 1603 to 1636 and the lives of Sir William Flower (1612-1681) and Thomas Flower (1640-1700).

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